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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000443.txt from 2003/06

From: Bear Woodson <>
Subj: [kl] Clarinet Sonata progress, etc.
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 04:15:36 -0400

Hello, Klarinet List and Ms. Lenoir.

> Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 23:10:08 -0600 (MDT)
> To:
> From: (Anne Lenoir)
> Subject: Re: [kl] Announcing new clarinet works
> for Joze Kotar
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> <>
> Dear Bear,
> It sounds like you are busy! That's great.
> I didn't write back to you about the duo for
> Eb clarinet and bassoon because the school
> year ended and I never ran into the bassoonist
> again. He taught bassoon lessons at the high
> school after school, and was in our local sym-
> phony orchestra, which folded. Many of our
> symphony musicians have left town.

Just this morning I finished the Third Move-
ment of my new sonata:

"Sonata No. 1 for (Bb) Clarinet and Piano"
(in progress June 2003, 4 mvts., 18+ min.)

1 Allegretto 5' 10"
II Chaconne: Adagio 6' 45"
"Undimmed by Human Tears!"
III Slovenski-Swing Fugue-Slovenski 6' 20"

Scherzo Slovenski =E0 la Joze Kotar -
Swing-styled Fugue =E0 la Benny Goodman -
Scherzo Slovenski =E0 la Joze Kotar

(The Swing-styled Fugue is in honor of
Benny Goodman, and also contains a Stretto
Fugue, that overlaps the Fugue Subject in
Original, Inversion, Retrograde-Inversion,
and Retrograde! This has only be done once
before in all known Music History, and that
was also in a work by this composer.)
IV Triple Fugue (in progress) ?' ??"
total so far: 18' 15"

> I would love to hear the unaccompanied
> sonata that you are presenting to Professor
> Kotar. I'll bet it sounds awesome. Where is
> he from?=20

Professor Joze Kotar of the Music Academy
in Ljubljana Slovenia, is the Dedicatee of the
"Sonata No. 1 for (Bb) Clarinet and Piano" and
all the other New Clarinet Works that I am
writing. In fact, he has the accompanied sonata
scheduled for recital in October 2003, so I have
to get it finished and mailed to him as soon as

> I hope he performs your piece in a nice, big
> concert hall filled with appreciative listeners.

Joze Kotar is the Principal Clarinetist of the
Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, has about 5
wonderful CD's out (I have one), has won a
number of important performance competitions,
and is a professor, all by the archaic age of his
late 20's! I think he is a HUGE talent, and the
world will know him better within a few more

Professor Kotar already has copies of the
"Sonata for Unaccompanied Clarinet" (May 2002,
3 mvts., 16 min.) which I mailed him last year.
Since he is the Dedicatee, he has the Premier
Rights, and I am not allowed to show any of his
works to anyone, until AFTER he has performed
each. I use that policy with all of my Dedicated

But a flutist recently backed out of the new
"Sonata for Bass Flute and Piano" (May 2003,
4 mvts., 25 min.), which will also be a Clarinet
Sonata, since I am transcribing it to:

Standard C Flute, Alto Flute in G;
Oboe, Oboe d'Amore in A, English Horn
in F, Bass Oboe (or Heckelphone);
and even Clarinets in Bb, A and C.

I am negotiating with a few respected musicians,
who DO want the Dedication of the "Sonata for
Bass Flute and Piano" on one instrument, or
another. If no one accepts that Dedication, then I
will be free to sell it to various woodwind players

Plus there is the new "Sonata for Unaccom-
panied Bass Flute" (Jan. 2003, 3 mvts., 14 min.),
which I may, or may not, be allowed to release
soon, for the same reasons.

> My friend, Emily Singley, who was the
> principal clarinetist in the symphony, is
> currently in Washington, D.C. auditioning for
> "The President's Band" (The Marine Corps
> Band). I hope she gets it.

I know an Oboist in the White House Marine

> How is your Doctorate going? Well, I hope.

I thought you knew. I was well trained back
in the 1970's in the 20th Century Harmonic
System "Chromatic Functional Modality" and
Counterpoint. I got out of music during the
1980's, and have only been composing heavily
for the last 8 years, since I took my Master's.
Since then I have written several large works in
my ambition to feature each major instrument
of the orchestra in chamber works, unaccom-
panied and accompanied sonatas, Konzertst=FCcke
and Full Concertos.

Since I'm in my late 40's, I'm too old to enter
most of the important Composition Competitions.
So to get noticed, I research what the hardest and
rarest kinds of Counterpoint are, and then write a
lot of them, usually in at least one movement of
my works:=20

Several elaborate Canons and Fugues;
5 Double Fugues (very rare since Bach died);
1 True, 4-Voiced Fugue for Unaccompanied
Violin, with one entire Exposition in
Inversion (with Viola and Cello Versions),
(only done by Bach, Reger & Hindemith);
6 melodies (in either Canons or Fugues)
that harmonize against themselves in
Retrograde-Inversion (done by NO
known major composer in a NON-12-
Tone Style!);
the ONLY Two Stretto Fugues in all history
to "stretto" ("overlap itself") in Original,
Retrograde-Inversion, Retrograde and in
Inversion, AT THE SAME TIME, in
Chromatic Modal Harmony;
and I'm now writing my Second work with
a Triple Fugue in it!

It's slowly working. I'm still not making a
cent from my music, and live in poverty, but in
8 years of composing, and 4 years of being on
these Instrument Lists, I'm getting works played
in 20 countries around the world, mostly in con-
servatories. I've had an Entire Dissertation written
about me, there have been a few magazine articles,
and this last Spring I was nominated for a Pulitzer
Prize. (No, I didn't get it, but none of the Pulitzer
Prize Winning Composers that I know, got theirs
on the first try, either.)

But I spent the first 40 years of my life in
poor health from a genetically Bad Liver. Now
in my late 40's, after 6 years of Adult Onset
Diabetes, I've had over 50 Diabetic Black Outs,
have no job, am not hirable, and am unlikely
to survive too many years. In the last 5 years I
rarely leave my apartment, and can't plan on
going anywhere, since it's only a random event,
when I am well enough to walk far, or drive,
without risking graying out. (In the last 2
months I am now at the stage, that I also get
severe Edema [swelling in the feet], so much
so, that I can't even put shoes on, most of the
time.) =20

Unfortunately, instead of being pleased with
all of my hard work and study, the U of A (the
University of Arizona in Tucson) has chosen to
pretend that I have no legal Disability, so they
used my frequent absences as their excuse for
flunking me out of my Doctorate. According to
every other university on the planet, I've broken
many records for the quantity and quality of my
compositions, and have already earned a perma-
nent place in history.

But since Head Composer, Professor Daniel
Asia, never studied Beginner Counterpoint, he
can't take credit for teaching me these things,
when he's the one, who has never written one
canon or fugue in any of his many works. (He
seems to ignore the fact that I wrote my first
Double Fugue, and the 4-Voiced Fugue on an
Unaccompanied Violin, years before I ever
came to Tucson.)=20

To protect Professor Daniel Asia, the U of A
President, Dr. Peter Likins, has gotten their
Board of Regents (a group of lawyers) to make
sure that NO attorney in the State of Arizona will
ever take my case, nor help me. (Which is why
I've called over 150 attorneys across Arizona in
the last 4 years, and as soon as they hear my
name, they tell me that "NO Attorney in this
State will EVER help YOU!" I can't even get
help to make out my Will! I can't even die
legally in Arizona!)

I survive only from the charity of my relatives,
while waiting to go on Full Disability. But since
U of A has blocked a lot of State Records, even
5 letters from my Diabetes Specialist Doctor
can't clear the legal blockade. I have no money to
move out of state, and I'm way too ill to hold a
job doing anything, especially spending long
hours on my feet in front of a classroom. (I've
been offered many positions at universities, but
I just don't have the health to do the work.)

The U of A, and many Arizona Attorneys, are
literally waiting for me to die, so their problem
will be solved. . . . but Music History might have
something different to say about the quality of
my fugues, sonatas and concertos, other than the
opinion of Professor Daniel Asia.

I was thrown out of U of A Campus, and for-
ever blocked from being awarded the Doctorate
that I have already earned, as of August 2001!
Welcome to Arizona, where hard, honest work,
will get your career destroyed for you, and all
the legal officials will support that corruption.
After all, this is the Only State in the Union to
have to Impeach TWO Governors in as many

For whatever time I have left, I am writing my
music as fast as I can. And in the process, the
Counterpoint is becoming more elaborate and
lyrical, and sometimes crossing boundaries that
no known composer has ever accomplished.
(We can find NO similar examples like my Two
Quadruple Directional Stretto Fugues in history,
and I'd love it, if more people could help me look!)

Well, I have a Triple Fugue and straight jacket
waiting for me, so I've gotta go.

Bear Woodson =20
Composer in Tucson, Arizona, USA
"Bear Woodson" <>

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