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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000389.txt from 2003/06

From: "Bill Semple" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] To greenline or not to greenline?
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 11:47:30 -0400

Thank goodness for one wood advocate. Speaking of differences in
instruments, I took my R-13 1958 played by Paul Schaller in the Detroit
Symphony and the R-13 I bought last year to my jazz gig and switched between
them. By the end of the session, I was consistently playing my newer horn
because a) it had a richer, mellower sound, but somewhat more diffused,
which I liked, b) its intonation is better, especially through the throat
tones. When I play Mozart, I pick the Schaller for its tonal clarity and
purity, but I constantly working on intonation. ONE of these days I am
sending it to Walter, when I can slow down.

Is the Selmer, ah, ok, "darker?" than the Buffets? I played with a local
group at wedding the other night; the bandleader is a fine swing clarinetist
who plays a Selmer. He had a heavy sound, somewhat overbearing at times,
whereas mine has a smidgen of the filigree -- a lighter, brighter, but still
full sound.

Please, let's not get into the dark/bright debate here. I am trying to
figure out sonic differences without asking for MP3 files.

William T. Semple
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From: "Joe Redmon" <>
Subject: Re: [kl] To greenline or not to greenline?

> After playing Greenline clarinets for years, I am now
> back to wood for good. What changed me? A pair of
> ca. 1986 R13 clarinets. These older clarinets produce
> such a resonant, even, and full sound. Plus, the wood
> is perfect with no cracks, like new horns tend to do.
> There is no evidence of the supposed "blow out".
> Actually, these are some of the most stable
> instruments I've ever owned. I've owned and tried many
> Greenline clarinets (both A and Bb) and all seem to
> have similar qualities. The good is that they tend to
> be even in all registers with good overall intonation.
> The bad is that they have a thinner, less resonant
> sound to my ears than most standard wood models. It's
> what I would descibe as a more lifeless quality.
> These are my opinions based on tensting and owning 3
> sets of Greens and trying at least 25 of them. Nearly
> ALL wood R13's I've since tried just simple sound and
> feel better to my ears now. Maybe I have different
> expectations about what a good horn should sonnd like
> now. The Greenline is a good horn which wont crack.
> Not cracking was what really drew me to the horn in
> the beginning. I prefer to play older R13's now.
> Chances are that if they haven't cracked, they
> probably won't. My two cents...
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