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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000294.txt from 2003/06

From: (Ormandtoby Montoya)
Subj: [kl] Hard data on 'mood' of a key
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 14:25:40 -0400

See "Psychology of Music", Diana Deutsch, pgs 765-768 in the 2nd
edition paperback.

A cited conclusion (most of the cited conclusions are in agreement with
each other) from the data presented is:

"Overall the results strongly support the idea that the emotional
content of music is not inherent in the music, but is probably a learnt
association within a particular culture."

Nevertheless, sets of the data cited from within particular cultures do
(according to the various authors cited) support the notion that there
is some uniformity among individuals within a particular culture for the
'mood' or 'affect' of a particular piece of music.

There are other interesting comments in these pages re which aspects of
music contribute most to 'mood' or 'affect' (according to the data) in
particular cultures. The aspects do vary between cultures.


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