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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000033.txt from 2003/06

From: "Matthew Lloyd" <>
Subj: [kl] Buying and Eb
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 16:22:56 -0400

I would have thought that - with all the problems inherent in both ebay
(in terms of playing it) and the Eb (on account of it being a little
beast!) that ebay would have been the worst place in the world to

Whilst what Walter says makes sense, there is nothing to suggest that
you might not strike lucky and find a student instrument that someone
sold to raise money for a good one - and I have heard good things of
Noblet for example. There is one for sale at John Myatt
( if I recall. I think you'd be lucky though.

I'm sure a good Eb would sell by word of mouth. Don't even think of
second hand unless you can get it played for you by someone you trust or
play it yourself. Walter hasn't commented on my suggestion that money
spent on a Eb is more important than a Bb but Keith said what I said was
making sense in that respect.

Eb clarinet out of tune is one of the nastiest noises known to man. You
need to avoid this!


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Subject: Re: [kl] Eefer choir!

In a message dated 6/1/2003 12:05:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> I can't seem to locate a good Eb on ebay. I really don't
> know where to look for used instruments... can anyone assist?>>

Rebecca -

Good used Eb clarinets are very rare. If you play Eb, and have your own,
why would you ever sell it except when you retire. But then the horn
could be "well aged".

Used school instruments have probably been poorly treated and have been
sold because they are no longer maintainable.

Save up your pennies and buy a new one. With care it wil last a
lifetime. I bought mine in 1973, when I was virtually penniless. It was
a good investment.

Walter Grabner
bass clarinet mouthpieces

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