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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000874.txt from 2002/06

Subj: [kl] Tonguing (was:Re: [kl] finger dexterity)
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 08:53:26 -0400

In a message dated 6/25/02 4:07:27 AM,

<< I absolutely agree about single tonguing being essential and primary, and
double tonguing being secondary to that. However, not working above the
2nd register? It's much harder than 2nd and below, but surely you've heard
Bob Springs "Flight of the Bumblebee" which starts, double tongued, on a
high F# (or so)? It can be done, and very well. I've heard others do it,

I went to Barnes& and was only able to hear the last minute of this
Bumblebee. He slurs everything above high c. Don't know what he does at the
opening, but perhaps it was somehow 'added' in post.

Sorry I even said double tonguing 'wouldn't work' up there because it
obviously distracted from my main point about articulation. (although let me
say again that I have heard a number of players with fantastic double
tonguing and none of them, live at least, could do it above high c).

Which are:
The main point of learning proper articulation is NOT to go fast. . .in any

Articulation has a great deal to do with changing notes into music.

It can also make otherwise decent playing sound painful and weak.

Listening to someone play with bad articulation is like listening to someone
speak who has an speech impediment. What the person is trying to 'say' is
never as clear as what his brain would like to say.

You can't learn it overnight. In fact, if there are problems, it can take
months to simply UNLEARN what you have already programmed in.
. . . . .
Anything more you have to come here and pay for. . .ha

David Hattner, NYC


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