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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000703.txt from 2002/06

From: "Chuck" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] What IS that March I keep hearing????
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 00:02:38 -0400

The march is Julius Fucik's "Florentiner", op. 214 (subtitled "Grand Italian
March"). I really did a double-take when I first heard that commercial; an
"Italian" march on a commercial for British tourism? Maybe Fucik's career
was based in Britain? . . .

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From: "Audrey Travis" <>
Subject: [kl] What IS that March I keep hearing????

> Recently, I've been hearing/seeing a TV ad for tourism to Britain. The
> website is: Does anyone seeing this TV ad know
> what the background March is and who the composer is? Very catchy and I
> love it. It sounds very british, and I'm guessing it might be Kenneth
> Alford.
> Thanks,
> Audrey
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