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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000547.txt from 2002/06

From: Karona Poindexter <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Beethoven "Clarinet" Concerto!!!???
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 11:47:13 -0400

When one of my students was learning the Mozart Clarinet Concerto, I
advised her to get the Robert Marcellus recording, not knowing if it still
existed. (I seem to have lost my tape of this recording when I moved.)
But she did find the recording at a records store and it was on a CD. I
really like this recording and really try to base my technique of the
Concerto on this recording.

On Sunday, June 16, 2002, at 05:51 AM, Bear Woodson wrote:

> Hello, Klarinet List.
> In the last 30 years I've owned and heard
> many interpretations of the Mozart Clarinet
> Concerto, but none that I owned were on CD.
> (All my hundreds of LP's were lost years ago,
> and my Mozart Clarinet cassettes are getting a
> bit gritty.)
> Therefore this last night I went looking to
> get a copy of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto on
> CD. I saw many famous ones, including the
> Benny Goodman, Stolzman, and several others,
> and settled on buying the David Shifrin, with
> the Extended-Body Clarinet in A. I've heard it
> on the radio years ago, but have never owned it
> before.
> But the thing that caught my attention was
> the CD of the "Mozart and Beethoven Clarinet
> Concertos" (!!!???), which is a transcription
> of the Beethoven Violin Concerto. Beethoven
> himself had transcribed it to be his Sixth Piano
> Concerto, and did an even further unique thing
> by using the Timpani with the Piano in the Ca-
> denza of the First Movement! (There used to
> be a nice recording of it my Daniel Baremboim.)
> But the Clarinet Concerto Version is fairly new,
> and I'm sure that some of you would know a
> lot about it. I find the idea intriguing, but I can't
> afford to buy it right now.
> I will listen to my David Shifrin Mozart
> Clarinet Concerto CD tomorrow, but I already
> know it goes to the Low Written C. This begs
> the questions:
> 1) Just how high does the Clarinet's Written
> Range go in the MODERN Version of the
> Mozart Clarinet Concerto?
> 2) And is the Highest Note in Mozart's
> ORIGINAL Version of his Clarinet Concerto,
> the same as it is in the Modern Version? (Is it
> higher now in the Modern Version?)
> A few months ago you guys had some VERY
> interesting things to say about the ORIGINAL
> Model of Clarinet that Stadler used! Apparently
> it had a Bulbous Bell, and was some kind of
> unique combination of a Heckle Clarinet and
> Basset Horn. I never fully understood the details,
> but it sounds like an interesting instrument. But
> I was left with the impression that neither instru-
> ment can go as high as the Modern Clarinet,
> ergo my curiosity.
> (Besides I'm writing my series of Clarinet
> works now, and would also like to know how
> high it is safe to write. I'm assuming the Con-
> cert E, 3 Ledger Lines above the Treble Clef as
> a safe ceiling, but it wouldn't hurt to write in
> Ossia Passages.)
> It seems to me that I heard a recording on the
> radio, years ago, (I think by Stolzman), where
> the soloist re-wrote the endings of the First and
> Third Movements, to allow for Cadenzas. He
> then wrote his own Cadenzas, and hit the HIGH
> Written C, 5 Ledger Lines above the Treble
> Clef! I look forward to more educational com-
> ments, and thank you all in advance.
> Bear Woodson
> Composer in Tucson, Arizona, USA
> "Bear Woodson" <>
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