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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000393.txt from 2002/06

From: "Kloc, Francois" <>
Subj: [kl] Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 11:39:35 -0400

Good Morning everyone,

I would like to congratulate publicly David Etheridge for a great Symposium.
As always everything ran smoothly and the quality of the performances was
incredible. It is amazing to see how much dedication to the clarinet
community David and his staff have. As an exhibitor we always know what is
going on and there is always somebody available to answer our questions.
Again Thank to you and your staff David and see you next year.

I had the chance to go and listen to some concerts between fixing horns at
the booth and I had a great time at everyone I attended. Julian Bliss well
what can I say ......
He is just amazing and he already matured tremendously since the ICA
convention 2 years ago which was the first time I heard him live. He has
that fire inside him and more important he has fun playing the clarinet. I
am sure that Howard Klug is for a lot in that transformation. Julian gave me
a CD of his Artist Diploma Recital from Indiana University and I cannot stop
listening to it . A lot of great stuff. Good luck to Julian and I know we
will hear of him again very soon.

After Julian and Howard klug performance was the concert of Ron Odrich what
a treat beautiful sound great music and it was the first time I heard Ron on
bass and let me tell you the guy is happening. rzon called Paquito on stage
and they played "no more blues" superb interpretation. My favorite was "My
foolish Heart" to my opinion RFon take that tune to another level and you
can feel Ron's emotion going into that tune. The trio he was playing with
which was the trio Paquito played with was amazing as well. a 16 years old
piano player who was just playing like a dream. It was like listening to a
lesson on how to utilize everything Jazz music can get. I will remember that
evening for a long time.

Of course Howard Klug did a great performance as always great control on the
bass clarinet and very well chosen repertoire. The Duo with Julian were
great you could feel that they know each other playing well.

The following night was the concert of Jon Manasse and this was beyond
anything you can expect to hear. Control, tone, music, technique everything
was there. I could not hold back my emotions and Jon touched my heart again.
What a player and what a guy!!!!.

After all that great stuff the party at the Etheridge's house was a great
place to be surrounded by all those great players and exhibitors. Thank you
to David's wife for having so many crazy people at her house for that party.
I even learned some new jokes from Julian Bliss.

Annie, Dan, Ray, Gregory, Walter and everybody else I have seen during the
convention thanks for you support and friendship.

To finish that post I would like to congratulate and tell Julian's mother
how proud she should be of Julian. I am sure she is but I know also that if
Julian is who he is not only an incredibly talented player but a great kid
is 100% because of his mother being at his site and making sure everything
is done so Julian can enjoy is passion.

I cannot wait for next year.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to tell somebody all this and my wife
is tired hearing it.

Musically Yours,

Francois Kloc
Manager of Woodwinds North America
Boosey & Hawkes Musical Instruments Inc.


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