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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000306.txt from 2002/06

From: "David C Kumpf" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Re: Caruso Long Tones
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 22:04:54 -0400

Gene Nibbelin wrote:
> David -
> As you may have read in a previous post of mine, I switched
> to double lip
> about 2 years ago. A sensitive upper lip led me to my dentist, who
> suggested lip protectors for both upper and lower teeth made
> from the soft
> plastic that is used for their teeth whitening procedure. He
> took plaster
> impressions of upper and lower jaws and so that the
> protectors are custom
> fit, and if they ever need replacing, I have the plaster
> casts. The cost of
> $100.00 was well worth it.
> I have no problem with "gasket leakage" and the minute
> thickness of the
> protectors opens my mouth and throat enough to have "opened" my tone
> considerably. I also feel that the plastic protectors
> provide a bit of
> "insulation" between my teeth and inner ear lessoning the
> bone conduction.
> It seems possible that this may give me a better idea of what my tone
> actually sounds to a listener.

Thanks. I had considered doing something like this several months ago. I
had only been playing again for about six months, and was experiencing
some soreness in my upper lip. At the time, I did some searches in the
archives and saw several recommendations for lip protection. I elected
not to and to simply persist and ask questions about what I was doing. I
don't have lip pain now, only muscular fatigue after an hour (which is
the length of my daily practice session).

In my earlier message, I said that one of the reasons I had quit years
ago was that my mouth hurt all the time. It wasn't just my lips - it was
my whole mouth. Part of this was simply not being able to relax. The
trite lament - wish I'd known then what I know now - applies.

Dave Kumpf


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