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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000219.txt from 2002/06

From: Gary Van Cott <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Teaching the 'students' of today
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 21:49:50 -0400

I think that in the US we are already preparing a vast number of people to
be amateur musicians. Think how many people graduate from high school
every year having played for at least 6-7 years and who have achieved a
level of proficiency sufficient for most community musical organizations,
but who have no ambition to be professional musicians.

The fact that few of them continue playing suggests factors other than
preparation are at work.

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At 12:25 PM 6/6/02, you wrote:
><><> One key to reversing the ratio of active musicians to quitters may
>be to encourage teachers to train their private music students to become
>lifetime amateur musicians as the *primary* goal of the lessons, not as
>the booby prize for those who fail to measure up to professional
>!!!!!!!!! YES !!!!!!!

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