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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000701.txt from 2002/05

From: Bill Hausmann <>
Subj: Re: [kl] A horse of a different colour
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 18:50:50 -0400

At 08:44 AM 5/27/2002 +0100, Tony Pay wrote:
>We're shortly going to play a contemporary arrangement for wind band
>(BTW, when you read the expression, 'contemporary arrangement', what do
>you think is meant?) of Beethoven's seventh symphony.
>The arranger makes several changes. The most important one, of course,
>is that clarinets are in C throughout. But further, the keys of the
>movements are now: G major (original, A major); Bb major (original, C
>major); F major (original, F major); G major (original, A major).
>We're intending to deal with complaints from players and audience who
>feel 'uncomfortable' playing or listening to the music on C clarinets,
>or in these keys, by suggesting that they may feel better after
>practising doing it a couple of times.
>I should perhaps be clear that this arrangement retains many other
>aspects of the piece. For example, a fourth in the original remains a
>fourth in the transcription, and so on.

I'm sure I would not even notice the difference in the first movement or
the second. When the third movement appeared in its original key, that
would jar me some, but I'm sure I would fall into it after a bit. The same
would occur when the fourth movement began, because I would now be used to
the third movement's key and the relationship would be different. I know I
can pick up my A clarinet and play nominally Bb music without noticing the
difference, but if I have been playing it on Bb FIRST and then switch, it
does take a little bit to get reoriented. However, it is far from painful
for me. I am very fond of Beethoven's 7th, so it would be most interesting
to hear this transcription!

Bill Hausmann
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