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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000679.txt from 2002/05

From: Bill Hausmann <>
Subj: Re: [kl] re: new clarinet? or just a mouthpiece?
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 18:50:28 -0400

At 11:57 PM 5/25/2002 -0700, nanci ashley wrote:
>Finally, the dilemna----. I recently played in a musical and suddenly was
>very focused on tone and intonation. I still can't decide if the horrid
>intonation (from the CD made during performance) is ALL my fault, but
>there are a few passages where I was obviously not "in tune" with another
>player. I also realize my tone is more "buzzy" (sorry, sorry, sorry for
>that word) than I thought.
>I have been wanting to try some different mouthpieces or maybe a new
>barrel? But, I've also been thinking about getting a new clarinet.
>Soooo, here are the questions that likely have no exact answer:
>Which is most responsible for intonation? mouthpiece, barrel, clarinet
>I'm thinking that a clarinet that's "in tune" will proably have the best
>tone too?
>Which should I get first? If I get a mouthpiece for the Selmer and then
>get an R13, will I have to get another mouthpiece made for that brand?
>I currently have a Selmer 10 clarinet with an accubore barrel and a
>mouthpiece that was originally a vandoren but has been filed or something
>by a player in the Houston Symphony? many years ago. A friend gave it to
>me in college after receiving it from her instructor from Houston.

My opinion, as a Selmer Series 10 player myself, is that the instrument
itself is perfectly capable of very good intonation. However, I find it
very ill-suited to Vandoren mouthpieces of any type, which play
consistently flat in the altissimo range (for me). I have recently
discovered that CAN play Vandorens in-tune with my Balanced Tone and some
other clarinets, so I'm not sure what the reason is, but it may give you a
starting point. When I use an Accubore barrel, my tone does get a little
less mellow, but "buzzy" tone is usually a function of reeds. I find the
Woodwind K10M mouthpiece plays very well on my Series 10. The Selmer C85
115 is also good, but a bit less attractive sounding (better tone for
jazz). In all, I find the mouthpiece to be most critical, the barrel next
most important. As has been said here before, the closer it is to your
brain, the more important it is.

Bill Hausmann
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