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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000632.txt from 2002/05

From: CBA <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Intermediate horns...step up instruments.
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 04:49:21 -0400


Have you tried the classifieds on the Clarinet Pages?
This is the main site for none other than this list!
Here is the link for the classifieds...

Look under Soprano Clarinets. There is a few Leblancs,
Selmers, and Buffets (even R13s) within a few hundred
dollars of your limit. May be worth a try.

The Master Model you are looking at...does it need
work? If you are going to invest $200 or $300 in
repairing it after the $500 in price, you might as
well pay $700-800 and get a better instrument, if that
better instrument is in good condition, and doesn't
need work.

Kelly Abraham
Woodwinds _ New York City
--- Jeremy Yager <> wrote:
> I actually have an mid 1960's wooden Selmer Signet
> Special student horn
> that is a decent horn but not great--it is starting
> to show its age
> mechanically, and is in need of a pad overhaul as
> well. I am looking to
> buy this Master Model (or something else) used.
> Most repair folks I've
> talked to have said that I should look into a nice
> used intermediate/pro
> model and retire the Selmer rather than repad it.
> I am not limited to Buffet (was dreaming one day and
> played a local
> shop's Leblanc!) and I am actually
> looking used rather than
> new. Maybe one day when I get a proper engineering
> gig I can buy a
> Concerto or an Elite right off the line, but you
> must fight with what
> you have. *grin*
> I'm probably looking to spend $600 max for a solid
> used horn. A local
> shop is selling this Master Model on consignment for
> $500. I played it
> and it seems to be in good working order. Before I
> purchase anything
> used I will consult my old clarinet teacher and ask
> them to play it as
> well.
> Do my dollar figures seem to be in line with what I
> can get/should
> expect to pay for a used intermediate/entry pro?
> --Jeremy

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