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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000593.txt from 2002/05

From: Glen Shannon <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Perfect Pitch
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 14:35:19 -0400

It's fabulous. And painful. But hilarious- I ordered one immediately,
along with something like "Mary Schneider Yodels the Classics," that
Amazon paired up for me. It can't be any worse than Helmut Lotti.

>At 12:39 PM 5/21/2002 -0700, James Snell wrote:
>>Yes! That was she. And here she is for your listening pleasure. (Remove
>>all valuable glassware for the room.)
>OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! That was PAINFUL!!!!!! And I don't even HAVE perfect pitch!
>Bill Hausmann
>451 Old Orchard Drive
>Essexville, MI 48732 ICQ UIN 4862265


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