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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000497.txt from 2002/05

From: "fred.sheim" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Rooms in Stockholm
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 13:47:20 -0400

I am so angry with myself. I had wanted to go to this Fest since I first
saw the advertisement in Belgium. But I just don't have the guts to get on
an airplane any more, despite all the explanations of why it is safe. I
guess I am already a casualty of terrorism : (


At 01:36 PM 5/19/02, you wrote:
> <><> Dear Annie, Already at basic school in Sweden there are three
>mandatory things that you got to learn: Swedish, mathematics and
>English. [snip] Do not let language be something that hinders you
>from doing what you would like to do.
>Annie, probably this doesn't need repetition, but I've spent time in
>Sweden (without knowing a word of Swedish) and Bert's information is
>absolutely correct.
>In fact, the Stockholm newspaper used to sponsor (perhaps still does?)
>an annual concert along the shore where 1000's of Swedish families
>gather to hear a full symphony orchestra playing outdoors on the grass
>(picnic baskets, etc) despite tuning difficulties and playing over
>loudspeakers. During the concert, I spoke freely in English with all
>(not just some) of the families, children in primary school, and so
>forth. (I had come unprepared, and several families invited me to join
>their picnics.)
>I should mention an event that highlights the different attitude towards
>music in Europe. The symphony orchestra included a full chorus (50-100
>singers), and they performed chorus+ orchestra excerpt --- I don't
>remember what it was, but it was clearly classical. It happened that a
>ferry boat was chugging down the river at the time, and after 20 or 30
>measures, the ferry started making circles in the river and the
>passengers began singing along. I asked one of the people sitting next
>to me if this was part of the show. The person gave me a puzzled look
>and said "No, of course not. _Everybody_ knows this music."
>..... everybody except culturally uneducated Americans like me, that is.
>After the piece was over, the ferry boat straightened out its course
>resumed its trip.
>That's the sort of thing you can expect while travelling in Sweden. I
>would be attending ClarinetFest if I could, Annie. Not that I'm
>knocking last year in New Orleans (which I could not attend either), but
>Sweden as a travel destination has much more appeal IMO than New Orleans
>or Norman. Taking a ferry into the archipelago is also a treat. Many
>of the islands are privately owned (property is leased, actually), but
>the mood of the place *is* unique and serene, much of it is stone, and
>it is unlike any "beach resort".
>Don't allow language or telephone concerns to inhibit you, Annie
>(....I didn't intend for this message to be so long)
> Bill


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