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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000432.txt from 2002/05

From: (William Wright)
Subj: Re: [kl] Metal clarinets
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 00:50:38 -0400

<><> Kimber wrote:
I am only 13 years old, and have played the clarinet for three years

Welcome, Kimber!

<><> Can someone, anyone, please educate me as to just exactly how many
types of clarinets there are and if any have a specific purpose other
than to be played upon?

You said it exactly right. The purpose for all of them is to be
played. Very wise words!

Plastic and wood are the most popular. Metal clarinets are rare
nowadays. I suppose you could make a clarinet out of stone, but I've
never heard of it. However, I have seen flutes and a clarinet-like
instrument made from human leg bones. The flute was supposed to scare
away the evil spirits. I have a recording on CD of this flute.

If you're playing outdoors, or if you are rough with your clarinet, then
plastic is less likely to crack than wood is. My first clarinet was
plastic, and I still play it on occasion --- such as right now because
my wood clarinet is in the shop for its annual cleaning and adjustment.

So far as I know, the most expensive clarinets are made of wood.

There are different sizes of clarinet --- such as "B flat", "A", "E
flat", "C", "G", "bass", "contra" and so forth. The main differences
between them are their pitches. Some are very high-pitched and some
are super low pitched. There are also more subtle differences in their
sound qualities.

The key mechanisms on clarinets have changed over the years. Some of
the names you read here --- such as "Albert" and "Boehm" and "Oehler"
and "articulated" --- refer to how the keys work. Some mechanisms are
more or less convenient than others. "Boehm" is the most popular

Everybody has a personal favorite, of course. This is why you hear us
debating which type of clarinet is 'best' for a particular type of
music. It's unlikely that you'll ever hear us agree completely! But
that's the way people are. We're all different..... and Kimber, you
are entitled to your own opinions as well.

Cheers and welcome to the group. We look forward to your comments.....
so long as you always agree that grownups always know best !!!!! <JUST



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