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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000420.txt from 2002/05

From: "Ed Maurey" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Selmer Series 9
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 18:52:08 -0400

I played Series 9's for years. Infact, my Bb is a 1964. It had absolutely
gorgeous throat tones, much nicer than my R13. The Bb was unbelievably full
and in tune. Run a pipe cleaner thru the register tube. I bet it's full of

Ed Maurey
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From: "CBA" <>
Subject: Re: [kl] Selmer Series 9

> Arthur,
> As for the throat Bb, two variables to look at would
> be the amount of openings for the A key and the Ab
> key, both of which are open for a throat Bb. Have you
> worked on those keys yet?
> Another variable for the throat Bb, the speaker tube,
> is just as big a variable as the mouthpiece, barrel,
> and brand/model of instrument are. I have gotten work
> done changing the length and shape of the register
> tube for diferent instruments (shaped on the inside
> as: o 0 or 8 shape...not really an 8 but an open
> fluted shape.) The different legnths and shapes depend
> on your playing and your setup. You should probably
> see a repairman who has experience with register tubes
> to fit it to you. Try the A and Ab key adjustments
> first <grin>
> As for the long B, a trick I have used on different
> clarinets that have a stuffy long B is to open the
> throat A key or Ab key while playing the long B. It
> might make it too sharp, so see how your instrument
> reacts. That's a trick Tom Ridenour showed us in a
> master class.
> Another variable for the long B would be a leak in one
> (or more) of the keys in the lower joint (not
> necessarily the B pad, but maybe also the C, C# or Eb
> pad not closing correctly. I have had this problem
> also, and had it regulated by a repairman during an
> overhaul.
> A different bell would be (IMHO) a last resort, as it
> won't fix leaks, if you have them. It is a possibility
> to make the low notes easier, if the rest of your horn
> is in good regulation. I have heard Steve Fox makes a
> bell with an egg like indention inside (Bill Wright
> was saying he has might ask him.) Buffet
> also makes that in their RC bore Prestige instruments
> for the bell. I believe Steve Fox also makes a bell
> with a hole for the long B/E to vent from, and
> Patricola uses this technique on their instruments for
> the bell (both my Eb and C Patricola instruments have
> the vent hole on the bell.)
> Good luck!
> Kelly Abraham
> Woodwinds - New York City
> --- wrote:
> > Some time ago I bought a Selmer Series 9 Bb clarinet
> > [from 1964] which had
> > been recently overhauled and is in excellent
> > condition.
> > However the throat Bb, and to a much lesser extent
> > the long b natural, sounds
> > Ć¢?~throatyĆ¢?T, at least much more so than on my R13
> > or on most clarinets I have
> > tried.
> > I wonder is this is a common characteristic of this
> > model. I understand that
> > Abe Galper markets a speaker tube which improves the
> > Bb on the R13. Perhaps
> > someone markets a similar item for the Selmer Series
> > 9 or can offer another
> > solution.
> > I have tried altering the pad height and bevelled
> > the cork pad, with no
> > improvement.
> > Any suggestions?
> > Arthur Acheson
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