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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000415.txt from 2002/05

Subj: [kl] Selmer Series 9
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 16:39:34 -0400

Some time ago I bought a Selmer Series 9 Bb clarinet [from 1964] which had=20
been recently overhauled and is in excellent condition.=20
However the throat Bb, and to a much lesser extent the long b natural, sound=
=E2=80=98throaty=E2=80=99, at least much more so than on my R13 or on most c=
larinets I have=20
I wonder is this is a common characteristic of this model. I understand that=
Abe Galper markets a speaker tube which improves the Bb on the R13. Perhaps=
someone markets a similar item for the Selmer Series 9 or can offer another=20
I have tried altering the pad height and bevelled the cork pad, with no=20
Any suggestions?
Arthur Acheson


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