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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000272.txt from 2002/05

From: Kenneth Wolman <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Describing tone
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 19:11:33 -0400

I thought someone taped me:-). But I'm reminded, listening to the sound
sample, of the comment from the narrator in Robert Penn Warren's "All the
King's Men" of how hears his boss-to-be's coming-to from the man's first
serious bout with liquor. Willie Stark, he says, made a sound "like an oboe
blatting in a barrel of feathers."

Reminds me of the sound sample. It also suggests what I think I'd sound
like if I were ever foolish enough to take up the oboe.

Kenneth Wolman
"...perhaps forgiveness is a process more than an emotion, perhaps it's
meant to make us discover those other conditions within ourselves, love,
belief in love, to which forgiveness itself is incidental..."--C. K.
Williams, "Misgivings"

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> From: Glen Shannon []
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> Subject: Re: [kl] Describing tone
> Oh dear, I'm sorry to say that's my tone on a good day!
> Glen
> >Nevertheless, we probably can agree that this is bad tone:
> >To hear this sound, click on
> >
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