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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000456.txt from 2002/02

From: "Robert" <>
Subj: [kl] Band Accompaniments
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 18:31:35 -0500

I guess I have missed out in my pathetic musical upbringing, but is
everything by JeanJean like this (showy)?! If you are not familiar with the
piece David Blumberg suggested to Sean Osborn ( <-- no e ) please go listen
to it. The clarinet player was absolutely fabulous and right-on in tone,
intonation and technique. I am grateful to David for posting that

For those who missed it:

Scroll down a ways to "Joze Kotar - JeanJean: Guisganderie"

If you know other pieces like this, please email their names and where I
might be able to get the arrangements. Thanks in advance.


P.S. I'm looking for these "fun" pieces to supplement the "serious" side of
clarinet playing constantly around me.


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