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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000411.txt from 2002/02

From: "Alan Woodcock" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Woodwind Quintet? Quartet? Trio?
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 04:44:55 -0500

Obviously it's so much nicer to have a bass instrument. But not having one
is not an excuse for not starting your ensemble. When people hear how good
you are, the bassoonists (or bass clarinettists, saxophonists,
sarrusophonists) will be queueing up to join.

You don't say what the fourth instrument is. If it's a flute - then maybe
you should be looking for a horn, as well. There's so much music for wind
quintet !

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From: "Angelina Lopez-Frank" <>
Subject: [kl] Woodwind Quintet? Quartet? Trio?

> I am a high school student and I am finally trying to take everyone's
> on starting a woodwind quartet. Actually, I'm not quite sure about the
> quartet part. I already know of a talented oboe player, but I'm not sure
> about a bassoon. Should I have a bassoon? Is a bass clarinet absolutely
> necessary? If anyone has a general line-up of woodwind players or of
> standard music this would help me lots.
> Angelina Lopez-Frank
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