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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000287.txt from 2002/02

From: George Kidder <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Bass clarinet problems
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 14:30:56 -0500

Thanks to all for your helpful replies.

Roger S. - I haven't been able to get anything but a regular neck strap
yet; there are no local music stores. But I will certainly consider trying
one when I can. (And thanks for pointing out my F vs. G confusion!)

Gary - you nailed one of my problems! In this case, the pad under the
thumb was being held slightly open when the opposite side closed first, and
sanding down the cork in the linkage greatly helped the "high C" problem,
and also make the pressure I have to use quite a bit less.

Bruce - since fixing the problem above, this has become possible. I find,
however, that I cannot exert any significant inward pressure with the RH
thumb, as the hook does not have enough curve to allow that. One option
for the future might be to fabricate a hook that covers more of a circle
than this one (which is about a half-circle). However, with the required
pressure reduced, it helps. I also need to work on not pinching the keys -
it just seems that such big keys and pads MUST require more pressure. What
do you mean by "the next two octaves of notes"? I can not quite get one
octave above that high C, on any clarinet.

Bill - I am getting used to the strap, I think. Maybe it is not such a
problem as I thought it was going to be.

And finally, Ken - your description of Josef Horak's method of holding the
instrument is very useful. I have only tried it for one evening, but it
seems to allow more comfortable positioning. In addition, it solves
another problem which was growing on me - that of trying to see the music
through the neck! I was going cross-eyed over that one, but the "Horak
maneuver" moves the neck a bit to one side, which helps a lot.

Again, thanks to all. As others have remarked, Klarinet is a very valuable

George Kidder
Bar Harbor, ME


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