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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000242.txt from 2002/02

From: "barnes mike" <>
Subj: [kl] Hanson HE-3-V clarinet
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 12:36:02 -0500

This week I received a Hanson student clarinet outfit (HE-3-V) that I
ordered for my 5th grade daughter in her 2nd year of band and wanted to
share my opinion with you. I’m not at all disappointed.

I play tested and priced the Vito 7212 and Buffet B10 instruments before
placing my Hanson order. The final decision to go with Hanson was based on
price/value comparisons between the instruments I could play test, Alastair
Hanson’s verbal and written promise of commitment to customer satisfaction,
a 30-day full refund Hanson policy and the 5-year Hanson warranty. In
summary; it is priced lower, has more features, has better overall
quality/craftsmanship, has a great guarantee and includes more and better

The look, feel and overall craftsmanship is superior. The key’s have a nicer
feel, tight with no play whatsoever. The Pisoni pads are excellent, they
seal tight and the key mechanism positions them accurately with no play. It
is free blowing throughout all ranges and feels good in hand. Compared to my
Patricola Bb I’d say the keys and mechanisms are very comparable, the major
difference is in the left-hand pinky key position and plating materials. On
the Hanson HE-3-V, they are closer to the thumb, forcing me to arch my
pinky…an obvious advantage for kids.

It is made of ebonite and has a “brushed” finish that gives it a wooden
appearance, very similar to the finish on the new Selmer ebonite bass
clarinets. The case is very nice too; small and light with provisions to
carrying by hand or as a backpack.

It even comes with 2 barrels, Vandoren 5RV or B45 mouthpiece, 2 Vandoren 1.5
or 2 V12 reeds, BG revelation ligature (I personally despise the BG
ligatures, but that is me), BG pull through swab and a tube of cork grease.

My daughter really plays her heart out now. I don’t know if it’s due to the
fact that the Hanson is so much more free blowing and easy to articulate
compared to her wooden Noblet N or the pride of ownership, but she became a
better player immediately. (Even after the N was completely overhauled by a
professional repairman who’s been in his business for over 40 years)

Alastair Hanson says my daughter’s is the first HE-3-V ever sold in the USA,
but that will most certainly change, as it becomes known. I whole-heartedly
recommend that anyone out there who is looking for an entry-level student
clarinet take a very close look at Hanson. You will not be disappointed.

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