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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000730.txt from 2001/07

From: "Tony Pay" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] The Clarinettist Composer
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 09:34:04 -0400

>From: "Rien Stein" <>

>It must have been at least ten years later, when I heard Weber's
>concertino on radio DDR, that I decided to learn the clarinet,because >of
>the few slow bars (piú lento) around bar 130, that Tony Pay denies >to
>exist, I had a discussion abnout it with him on this list).

It was just that I didn't understand you.

The conversation went:


>But I was very eager to hear the piu lento that you apparently think
>shouldn't be there, and -- it did not come.

You mean, I didn't play it as lento as you wanted. But, I suggest, I
did play it piu' lento.

>But from your comment I understand you recognize the passage I mean,
>but have it without the solo clarinette voice,

I don't understand this.

>and also without the piu lento indication.

...though I understand this.

What do you mean, I have it without the solo clarinette voice?

[snip introducing your Dutch clarinettist]

>So I said to him, that having heard his interpretation of it, I was
>afraid I could not come up to his standards in particularly the piu

But this passage isn't particularly difficult, at any tempo. If you had
wanted to play it slower, why wouldn't you have done?

>After this "audition" it has been only twice I heard the Saint-Saens
>sonata, once played by an amateur in radio, the other time I don't
>remember any more who was the clarinettist, but I have heard the
>concertino a couple of times, and nearly always missed this piu >lento.

You mean still, you wanted it slower?

>Sometimes there was a lot of music after the con fuoco and before >the 6/8
>meter, and now I realize that must have been the orchestral >part, that has
>no solo clarinet where I expect the clarinet to show >the beauty of
>clarinet playing in all its glory.

I still don't understand. I've never heard anything that isn't what is
printed in the score at that point. Sometimes it's slower, sometimes
faster, but the music is still the same.

>Maybe after these remarks you will look less hateful at what I said.

Well, I didn't look at it hatefully. I was surprised at what you said, it's

>Another excuse may be, that I was driving during the time I listened
>to your interpretation of the work: I didn't notice there was a slow
>intermezzo (when looking at the piano reduction without the soloist
>part I can imagine the piu lento should be interpreted as rather

I don't understand this bit either.

Anyway, best wishes,



You didn't reply, so I assumed it had been cleared up.

Apparently not.

Apologies for the email address.


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