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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000725.txt from 2001/07

From: Jesse Rogers <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Register tube and subtones
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 19:25:12 -0400

Clark, I have an R13 "A", made in 1972 from the serial # lists. I went to a
local repair guy to swap out the registier tube for a "Bb" tube. The hole for
the "A" register tube was so large that the "Bb" tube wouldn't seat at all. Is
this normal? The "A" register tube is .586" long and the O.D. tapers from .179"
to .210". The diameter (I.D.) of the register tube hole seems to be the same at
both ends, .141732" (converted from 3.6mm, this is an estimation as I don't
have a tool to accurately measure the I.D.). I bought the instrument used in
the early 80's and I'm wondering if someone did some modifications to the
original register tube. Should the O.D. of the "A" register tube signigicantly
larger than that of the "Bb"?
Thank You,


> Mr. Swiney's answer to "Try an hour glass shaped tube" is puzzling. If you
> have a Buffet "A" clarinet (Which I think you do), this already has an hour
> glass shapes register tube.
> I think I have gone over this before, but I will make the same comments that
> are in my downloadable article "Tuning and Voicing the Clarinet".
> Excerpt:
> "The vent tube or "pip" functions as both a register vent and as a tone hole
> for throat Bb1. Many "A" clarinets (especially R-13 Buffets) have a flat
> throat Bb1. The register vent can be shortened to improve this note, but
> there are several considerations before proceeding.
> A shortened vent tube will also raise the pitch of the upper clarion (left
> hand). The tones G2 - B2 tend to be sharp on most "A" clarinets and some
> "Bb" clarinets. A shortened tube will also raise the pitch of B1 (middle
> line B natural) slightly. Standard Buffet "A" clarinet register tubes are
> .580" long. I remove .020" only. Shortening the "A" clarinet register tube
> also has the positive affect of minimizing the sub-tone that can plague some
> clarinets on A2. As the tube becomes shorter there is also a slight loss of
> focus to tones Bb1 - D2. Everything is a compromise!" End excerpt
> Another fix for "sub-tones" on the clarion "A" is to slightly increase
> the diameter of the "A" tone hole. BUT, this must be done with a specially
> tapered reamer. Short of that you may also enlarge just the "north/south"
> direction of the tone hole at the surface by using a tapered tone hole
> reamer. This is also covered in my article.
> Clark W Fobes
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