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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000660.txt from 2001/07

From: David Glenn <>
Subj: [kl] Leister, German clarinets and Holland
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 06:42:57 -0400

"Klumpes, Ron" wrote:

> >Those of you going to the clarfest are going to get to hear Karl Leister
> >live. If you have never heard him live you are in for a rare treat. There
> is
> >some charactaristic of his playing that doesn't seem to translate to
> >recordings 100%. Not sure exactly what it is.

I heard him live in Basle. Brahms Quintet. It was absolutely super! You really
can't hear all that on a recording! The way his low register projects and the
upper register massages your ears!

> Being an expatriate Dutchman now living Down Under, I brought my Albert
> system clarinet with me. When that died in a watery grave, I considered
> switching to Boehm, seeing I am surrounded by them here. I ended up buying a
> cheap Albert horn originating from Czechoslovakia, and it played like a
> cheap one - bad tuning, very average.

- snip -

> It's sad to see the german system under siege in Germany, but I suppose it's
> unavoidable in the longer term to see some "encroachment".... the same thing
> happened in Holland, I believe.

In Holland it's pretty split up. I'd guess in the Dutch orchestras that about
1/3 play Oehler, 1/3 play reform-Boehm and the rest French. In the Concertgebouw
I know that Piet Honigh plays German and the other first (his name escapes me
now) plays French.

> Do all rank and file clarinettists in the German professional orchestras
> have to be German-system players still? I wonder if that will ever
> change....

In Germany where every middle sized town has an orchestra, one can count the
French-Boehm players on one hand. (one each in Bremerhaven, Herford, Hof,
Stuttgart, Munich). Anybody know of any more? Very often Oehler system is called
for in the job advertisement!

> Ron Klumpes
> Alice Springs, Oz


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