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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000559.txt from 2001/07

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Subj: Re: [kl] Another Paypal Question
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 12:14:59 -0400

(presently) Paypal does not extend Address Confirmation or Credit card
Verification to countries outside the U.S.

Per Paypal - "A special note about shipping internationally: If you choose
to ship internationally you do so outside of the Seller Protection Policy.
Furthermore, shipping to a country not on the list of PayPal approved
countries is a violation of our service and may result in termination of
your account."

Therefore, while international members may wish to use a credit card, few
Paypal Sellers will accept the credit card payment as it can be (easily)
charged back due to use unscrupulous individuals. Thus, Paypal provides _no
assurance services_ to the Paypal Seller who is greatly at risk.

Paypal will accept a cash transfer (deposit) which they keep "on account" &
which may be utilized much as a debit card would be. It's NOT a good deal
for anybody except Paypal -- who REALLY make money on the float this way.

Out of U.S. purchasers should pursue wire transfers where the cost is not

PS - When paying for SERVICES, as opposed to GOODS, a credit card may be
used since that type of transaction would not require the shipment of goods
to a foreign/non-U.S. country.

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From: "Anna Benassi" <>
Subject: [kl] Another Paypal Question

> I have run into a snag while trying to use Paypal as a purchaser. I
> have a US mailing address (if needed) and a US bank account complete
> with bone fide credit card. However, I live overseas, and the address
> on all my bank accounts and credit cards is an overseas address. As
> such, Iwas unable to complete the Paypal registration process, which
> defaults to a US address and throws me out when it sees that my US
> card and foreign credit card billing address don't match. I would
> actually like to use Paypal from time to time. Does anyone know
> whether they have changed their registration process to let
> "foreigners" in? It's been a while since I last checked on this.
> Anne
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