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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000502.txt from 2001/07

From: sandee soloway <>
Subj: [kl] reed strength
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 23:27:38 -0400

My two cents on the reed strength discussion. I had a
very hard time returning to the clarinet, using a
mouthpiece of dubious origins and reeds the same
strength I was using before my 20 year "break". After
looking through sage advice on sneezy and elsewhere, I
got a decent mouthpiece (HS*) and some mitchell lurie
premium #2's. That, and my new clarinet with the new
m45 mp made a wonderful difference. I read an article
that said vandoren #2 reeds were the equivalent of
lurie #2.5, so when I thought that the ml 2's were
sounding a little thin and squeaky, I'd try the
Vandorens and found them impossible. Finally, on a
whim, I tried the mitchell lurie #2.5's and find the
sound is a little better, high notes a little easier
etc. Two months ago, these reeds would have been
impossible, but the #2's sounded pretty good.

I get a little concerned that others could be
discouraged by the diffculties of playing with a too
hard reed.

Happy playing!

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