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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000469.txt from 2001/07

From: "Tony Wakefield" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Another musician honoured!
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 05:19:51 -0400

I have not been able to respond immediately to your many reactions to my
statements re The Beatles. But first of all , thank you to Annie for her
support, altho` I wasn`t altogether clear on what she was saying her reasons
were. Frank was a bit blunt, but then I s`pose I asked for it, `cos he
obviously sussed that I can also be a little like that myself. Then Annie
and Frank started at each other`s throats enough for me not to be able to
concentrate on my work :<(

However, my voicing my dislike of the Beatles as guys in a band, - (NOT as
songwriters I hasten to add) has served a purpose to ask if you would all
care to think of this:-

I think we all have some responsibility (as musicians ourselves) to enter
the debate on what music and musicians we like or dislike, and to not only
let each other know these preferences, but to widen our voice to include
what we want, or more to the point, what we don`t want from the "Music
Business". I leave the serious concert promoters alone in this instance as I
would like (as we have been discussing the Beatles) to talk about the
popular music business and the music media.They, I`m sure you`ll agree, are
thrusting ever more "non music" in the direction of not only our youth, but
the under 10`s also. There has to be an "end of the road" / or the "final
straw" someday to some pretty disgusting and offensive song lyrics and
music, and to warrant putting into effect something like government health
warnings (as on cigarette packets) on C.D`s and live pop performances etc.

The term "sex ,drugs and rock`n`roll" is all too familiar, and has indeed
become an acceptable part of our lives, as long as it`s not in our own back
yard. We`ve had the rock`n`roll; that has moved on and in my opinion
deteriorated. We`ve had the drugs, and we now find it impossible to police
this whole sordid business. We now have ever more and more sexual simulation
and direct innuendo in our pop industry. This will, I`m sure become just as
impossible to police, and soon we will have live sex in pop concerts.
Although we already see it on T.V. and in continental clubs, this is perhaps
another debate not directly relating to the music business. Now we are
<all> in "music", and whether at college, in a symphony orchestra, or
busking on the street, I think we all have a responsibility to voice this
degeneration to all appropriate authorities more so than what we do at
present. The pop industry is not at present policed in any way, but we allow
that industry to serve up all it can to our young children. It is only
<after> our kids, and ourselves have heard all the muck that we then decide
to kick up a fuss. The film industry <is> policed. The censorship board
looks at every single film before it is released.

One might think that my ideas and hopes are pie in the sky and futile, but
it <is> possible to turn the tide of thought at least, as a first step
towards making real acceptable music again, and with real musicians and good
singers. The music business "Barons" have ruled for far too long. They have,
and are creating mega unacceptable trash which we, as "musicians" copy
instrumentally, when we write out this stuff for our pupils to digest in the
name of trendy music lessons.


Tony W.

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