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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000282.txt from 2001/07

From: Neil Leupold <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Speaking of mouthpieces...
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 12:46:30 -0400

If I remember correctly, Borbeck switched blanks at least six
years ago, which means that the mouthpieces he produces now are
not in the same "family" as the ones he made before the switch.
I have a terrific Borbeck 11 that I acquired from Dave Breeden
(principal cl., San Francisco Symphony) and played through my
undergrad years. It was wonderful at the time -- beautiful
focused sound, nicely in tune, reed friendly. When I played
one of Borbeck's new mouthpieces at the '95 ClarinetFest, one
of his 11 facings, I was disappointed. People get different
results, of course, but it's important to recognize that the
usefulness of a Borbeck endorsement depends on the age of the
mouthpiece upon which the endorsement is being made. If some-
body has one of Borbeck's old blanks, he's not praising the
same mouthpiece that is being made today. And in my case,
my mouthpiece was actually a Borbeck in name only, having
been refaced by Dong Jin Kim before I acquired it. It was
one of the old generation of blanks that Borbeck used to


--- Robert Moody <> wrote:
> Hey Thanks Al for your info. Did you happen to make any recordings with you
> using your Borbeck? I am curious if the tonal characteristics I heard
> comments on in my tone were common to others.
> Thanks again,
> Robert
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> I have been using a Borbeck 11 mouthpiece for some time.
> I also alternately use a Vandoren 5RVlyre mouthpiece.
> Very recently I acquired a Bonade mouth piece that I like very much.
> I am using Buffet R13 clarinets
> I use LeGere Reeds 3 1/2
> I use a Vandoren Ligature
> I use standard Buffet barrels and every one in a while use a pair of
> Moennig barrels but go back to the stock barrels
> Very Happy with this set up using the Bonade Mouthpiece
> Al; Chiavarini
> Principal Clarinet
> Suncoast Symphony Orchestra
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