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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000234.txt from 2001/07

From: agalper <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Mozart Reeds
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 11:10:56 -0400

Hi again, In my book Tone Technique and Staccato, I have a whole section of
Klose exercises with different fingering and possiblities, When you get a
chance, try those. Abe.G.

Anne Lenoir wrote:

> I just got my first box of Mozart Reeds and I actually got all 10 in the
> box to play. One of them was too soft, so I gave it to one of my
> students. I ordered them from Phil Shapiro in Miami, toll free phone:
> 866-292-5037. Phil is the principal clarinetist in the Miami Symphony
> and he hand makes all of the reeds from this wonderful cane that he gets
> from South America. These reeds vibrate very well. I have felt that
> Vandorens don't seem to want to vibrate consistently. ANNIE
> P.S. PINKIE POWER: Perrier Exercises, P 1
> I had been disappointed in my pinkies lately and got out my Perrier
> Book. I couldn't believe how well these finger exercises were written. I
> had been having some of my students play some of the exercises without
> having seen the book in years, not for memory, but out of logic. You
> would have to be familiar with them to know what I'm talking about.
> Klose has some "Pinkie" exercises, not at the beginning, but towards the
> middle of the book, and they aren't nearly as good. They start out too
> hard for most students to really solve their pinkie coordination, and I
> was never completely wild about them, myself. What I like about the
> Perrier is that you start out with your 6 fingers down, and hopefully,
> relaxed. Then all you have to do is various repititions of your left and
> right pinkies in various combinations. Nice and simple.
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