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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000863.txt from 2001/05

From: Nicholas Y Yip <>
Subj: Re: [kl] School Board
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 20:02:48 -0400

Just getting to my messages now. Might be a little late. I am in an
area now, that does not have this problem of eliminating music classes,
yet. In fact, the districts around here are having the trouble of
controlling the number of students that enter into the music programs
around here. For instance, I know about 4 schools that have about 400
students in the whole program. There are about 5 choirs, 3 wind
ensembles, 3 jazz bands, and 2-3 music education courses. Each class,
including the music ed courses fill up quickly to about 50 per class.
Some drop out, but still enough that want to be there. The kids ENJOY
and LEARN alot from being in these courses. Is it the trips, music,
competitions,teachers? Yes, it is all of the above! However, more
importantly, the kids are ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING.(including the music ed
courses) There is not one point in classroom that the students are not
actively participating. Not to put these other subjects, but look at
math, english, which are the required courses. They are practically
nothing but, books and rules and occassionally a game. BORING! That is
how the kids describe it. Look at art, music, P.E. and sometimes
science. They're active subjects. Kids like subjects they can
participate in. EXCITING, INTERESTING!Does active participation cost
money, no! How is this all done? By the teacher of course! A teacher can
mske the class boring or exciting. They determine the classroom
atmosphere. Does a good teacher cost money, not in a public school! Your
first problem is finding the right teacher! This teacher, knows how to
make the subject enjoyable, educational, and interesting. They will also
set a good curriculum for the students. Without, this, HELL with money,
the administration and the rest of the faculty. If it cant happen,no one
will support it. The bad teachers are the ones who pull music to the
bottom or out of the curriculum.
The second problem, lies here with the administration. School
districts have money! That is a fact! It is how it is handled, is the
problem. Here is the scenerio: There are already bad english and math
teachers out there and more money goes to them, therefore the arts and
all other areas not important to them are gone. Kids then become more
bored of school and end up on the streets on crack, or drinking. By the
way the math and english teachers already suck! The administrators have
money. They just dont know how to handle it. They dont know how to hire
the right teachers. Dont forget we also have non-educatated parents out
How to solve the problem of getting a good music ed program in your
school? Elimination of a program....hmmm! How bout' this.. Try go to the
school board and try to say them, Instead of funding to math and
english, how bout surprising some of the classroom teachers by paying
them a visit, how bout replacing bad teachers with good one, how bout'
getting the parents, and having a good student educate them on HOW the
system should work? Hmm.. might be better. Will it happen? LOL
Correct me if I am wrong. Someone will probably shoot me down!LOL

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