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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000862.txt from 2001/05

From: Richard Bush <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Requirements for a Grade - more
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 18:52:08 -0400


Will you please put your thoughts into paragraphs. I look at a block of text as
long as the one below and I don't even bother to read it. It might be good..I
don't know.

Will Cicola wrote:

> I couldn't resist putting in my two cents here. At my high school, if you
> take the symphonic band course, you are required to march (unless you play a
> fall sport such as football or soccer). There is a two week band camp (as I
> imagine is standard). Then, once the school year starts, there are after
> school rehearsals virtually every day (though not all students need come
> every day, since there are woodwind, brass sectionals, etc). In addition to
> this, the class period during the school day is spent learning marching
> music. This continued through the end of November. The result is that we did
> not even begin our concert music (for the early February concert) until the
> beginning of December. Perhaps this is not a completely valid example, since
> we had a band trip over Thanksgiving break, but we did not even begin the
> music for the trip until football season was over (late October). Thus, we
> had spent two full months on the show music, and it was STILL far from
> polished. And, of course, our concert music for February was nowhere near
> polished, despite the fact that we played drastically easier music than had
> been the norm in past years to compensate for our time crunch (Usually we
> had begun concert literature by the beginning of October.) Now, it seems to
> me that both marching and concert band had a detrimental effect on the
> other. I can attest that very few people were gleaning valuable musical
> knowledge and experience from hammering the same three pieces of music every
> day for three months (especially those of us who were playing instruments
> other than their primary instrument, says this tuba marcher. Geez, those
> were boring parts!! But I digress). Of course, on the other hand, you can
> hardly separate the two; as was mentioned in an earlier post, if marching
> band were voluntary, nobody would do it. To some degree, I think a bit mroe
> responsibility should lie with the band members. A lot of the reason for the
> continued hammering was due to apathy on the part of the students. On the
> other hand, what was causing them to be apathetic? To sort this out is
> clearly not an easy task, as Mr. Garrett has pointed out. :)
> --
> Ich brauche kein Leben, denn ich habe Orchester!
> I don't need a life. I have orchestra!
> Will Cicola
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