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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000838.txt from 2001/05

From: "Tony Wakefield" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Playing crisis
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 10:45:33 -0400

Hello Kathy,

Is your e-mail address the Royal College of Music?

For starters, it seems to me that you need to receive a little better
understanding from your tutor. Talk to him/her. Ask what the first stages
should be in what you need to address, to begin to overcome your
And as for your support. I can`t believe that you haven`t got the stamina
any longer to cope with your regular practise, even if you can`t fit in your
fitness routine regularly. It`s gets a little "depressing" here, perhaps
because we in England <do> get depressed very easily when things like bad
weather interfere with our daily routines.

Are you an impatient person who likes to get things <done>, perhaps at the
expense of care and thought? Try a re-think. If you still feel depressed
then a break to enable you to re-discover some freshness might be a good

But do try to stick it out Kathy, as hard work gets harder still, if indeed
you do decide to take a break, and then to come back at some later stage.
Grit your teeth, go for it now, and perhaps <do try> some back to basics
re-thinking. Your "magic" will not go away if you do go down this route. You
are young, and you will find the strength and musicianship to develop the
<two> areas jointly, which you are fearful of at present.

I don`t cycle so I am only as far as I am able, to suggest 1) Cycling in the
large London Parks? 2) Taking the train out to the Chiltern Hills? - North
West London - Buckinghamshire - Aylesbury and it`s surrounding countryside.

Above all - have fun. I wish I were you. Would you change places with me.
Perhaps not, as I`m a bloke, but joking aside, you are experiencing one of
the most wonderful ways to begin a beautiful life full of interest and music
and love. Don`t let this depression get to you - swear at it, and I reckon
you could surprise us quite a bit in that direction coming from where you

And don`t forget we here at klarinet will always talk to you at any stage
whenever you feel you need some stupid advice like <catching a train>.

The sun is shining in the U.K. Can you all hear me U.S.! What`s Bush gone
and done now?

Best Wishes Kathy. (Don`t do what the song says)

Tony W.

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From: "Kathleen Williams" <>
Subject: [kl] Playing crisis

> Dear listers
> I've come up with a number of problems in my stay over England that my
> teacher hasn't really been able to help me with. The principal one is
> of support, which seems to be pretty crucial as it affects tone quality
> sound in the staccato. For some inexplicable reason, technical passages,
> though finger perfect, often don't come across to the listener, same with
> the staccato. My teacher constantly gripes at me for going for the
> and ignoring the basics, but then when I concentrate on the basics my
> performances are accused of being boring. I'm wondering whether the
> of support is one to do with the sudden lack of fitness, as back in
> I used to be a real fitness fanatic, cycling every day, and doing lots of
> situps for firm abs. I haven't been able to do any exercise in London.
> also wondering whether the struggle with tone has something to do with the
> depression and homesickness I've been experiencing, being away from the
> sunny skies and tropical heat of Brisbane. I sometimes wonder whether I
> need a shrink more than a teacher. If there are any medical professionals
> out there who think they may be able to help, or practical advice on
> breathing and support, or good biketracks in London, could you please
> me. My confidence is really low, and I'm close to, if not actually giving
> the instrument, then certainly taking a break for a while.
> Kathy williams

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