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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000774.txt from 2001/05

From: Sterkel Terrance-W15462 <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Clarinet teacher near Boulder, CO?
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 06:51:37 -0400

I do not know if this is convenient advice, but here it goes!

1. I agree with the advice to check with the Music Department of
the University. (I did the same with Rutger's University, whose orchestra
this year was at Lincoln Center. I am extremely pleased
with my instructor, Ken Ellison, 1st clarinet of the orchestra.)
2. I would recommend dropping a line to Anne Lenoir
mailto:AnneLenoir@-----. She gave me
a wonderful 2+ hours of help gratis, when she was in Manhattan
last year.
3. Check with the better music shops. My personal repair shop,
and the only person who touches my "baby" is Larry Naylor, of
"Naylor's Oil" fame. If I understand distances in Colorado,
his shop is relatively close, and he has taught in the Boulder
University. He has a new website at (see note below)

hopefully this helps!

Note: By way of disclosure, I am the designer and programmer for
Mr. Naylor's web site. So I cannot pretend to be objective, neutral,
or whatever. One personal request, the site has some newer elements
in it, so if you have problems please contact me directly at as I am also using them in other sites,
and appreciate the feedback.

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From: Claudia Zornow []
Subject: [kl] Clarinet teacher near Boulder, CO?

My mother would like to find a new teacher in the Boulder area
(she lives in Lafayette, Colorado). She has been studying
clarinet for about four years. She likes her current teacher
but doesn't feel she's making enough progress despite diligent
practicing; her teacher is of the "keep trying, it will come"
school instead of the "do these exercises and hold your fingers
this way" school.

My mother is looking for a teacher who:
- Believes in the value of exercises as well as "fun music"
- Has plenty of experience teaching beginners and intermediates
- Enjoys teaching
- Is not intimidated by an educated, professional adult student

Any recommendations? I'm also thinking of calling the university
in Boulder and seeing if the people in their music department have
any suggestions.


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