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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000432.txt from 2001/05

From: Schneider Charles <>
Subj: Re: [kl] keys opening
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 00:27:03 -0400

Hello Mister Bhsh,
thanks for your answer.

My question was :

> >I like to know what will happen with the intonation of
> > my clarinet if i ask for open the keys JUST A LITTLE.
> > Wich notes or part of the register would be change ?
> > Is it possible to predict something? (a big catastrophe!?)
It is a theorical question, for knowing the general effects of
this change.

> You probably should look for some advice from Mr. Klock of
> Buffet.

It is for having some other advices and experiences.

> Do you play your clarinet with a string orchestra, a symphony?
> Do they tune to 441?
> Do you study privately on clarinet and have you ever?

I am Jazz saxophonist who study in amator classical clarinet at
a conservatory. But when i need to play little parts of clarinet
in a orchester it is very often at 442.

> Is your instrument built for a pitch higher than 440? Many
> European orchestras do.
> Is there a particular reason why you use a 64 mm barrel?

My Festival was sell with 2 barrels : 440 and 442, I have forget
the shorter this morning in a shop, honnestly I don't remember
the lenght. I will know that tomorrow but I think it is a 64 mm.

The 64 mm "seem" to help for playing with more "relax" embouchure
and when I sing/think correctly the notes, it works "more like a
saxophone". I prefer the sound with the 66 mm but I am too low
Lot of others saxophonists are in the situation, i think.

>Why do you pull in the center and add
> a 0.50 mm tuning ring at this place?

This way lot of notes in my left hand are curiosly more in tune,
and not only with me.

>What kind of a mouthpiece
> are you using,

Clark Fobes : San-Fransisco 4l and 5L+Nova

>and have you tried any others to see if they
> might help you with your tuning?

The Vandorens play higher, but I like the Fobes ones.

My best regards.

Charles Schneider

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