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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000284.txt from 2001/05

From: "Gene Nibbelin" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] buffet clarinets
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 17:13:45 -0400

Ragnhild --

You might pose the question to the professionals on the list: How many have
had this key removed after trying to get used to it as being more trouble
than it was worth?

In addition to the cost factor, I was influenced by the fact that the
Principal Clarinetist of the Southwest Florida Symphony had removed this key
from his horns for this reason, when I purchased a pair of Leblanc Concertos
a couple years ago.

I am a retiree and not a professional and play and study for my own
amusement and occasionally amazement. Naturally, I have encountered a few
places in my studies (advanced) when the extra Eb/Ab key would be handy but
hardly essential. I believe that any problems that are solved by the "key"
can also be easily solved by the judicious use of the slide that all less
wealthy clarinetists use. (I know that there will be a learned professional
or two on the list who can relate some "impossible" note combinations that
can only be played using the Eb/Ab key. God only knows what happens in some
of the very modern music.)

Just a thought and question before you spend your money.

Best of luck,

Gene Nibbelin
Cape Coral, Florida

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From: Ragnhild []
Subject: Re: [kl] buffet clarinets

Thanks for answering my questions, I eally appreciate it! I am concidering
buying a Prestige model maybe next year, but there is, as you said, the
price tag.. it costs a lot of money! (which I don't ecaxtly have..) I would
really like to have the extra Eb-key, which I feel I almost miss now, have
needed it some times! I guess it'll take some work getting i "into" your
fingers, but i'd think it'd be worth it.
Thans again,

At 03:52 PM 5/10/01 EDT, you wrote:
>I'm playing on RC Prestige clarinets and love them! The extra Eb/Ab
>key is great. The prestige wood is stronger and more dense, since it is cut
>out of a more select, older, longer seasoned wood. The wood makes the sound
>more present/more intense (not necessarily more bright or more dark, etc.),
>and the wood is less likely to crack. It does have a price tag though. It's
>about $800 US more than the regular R13 or RC counterpart. I personnaly
>it is worth it. Try a new RC up to a new Prestige RC and see if you don't
>the difference in playing quality.
>Here's some info about the other Buffet clarinets you asked about.
>The R13 is a professional level instrument, made in France, which comes in
>regular model and a prestige model like the RC. The R13 has a
>bore that is smaller than the RC. The R13 is very popular in the United
>States, but is less popular in other parts of the world. The R13 is closer
>the "Festival" model than the RC, if you have the "Festival" model
>The B12 is a plastic/resin clarinet for beginners. It is made in Germany,
>in France. It has undercut tone holes, and nice keywork, but I am not
>impressed by the sound and ease of playing for a student. It is more
>than it's beginner equivalent counterparts in LeBlanc, Yamaha, and Selmer
>(over $100 difference in some cases.)
>Ragnhild <> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> In this discussion on which clarinet brands and models to choose for
>> beginners and in a discussion on another clarinet list I'm on, I've heard
>> mentioned a couple Buffet models i've never heard of before .. ignorant
>> little So I was wondering if someone might be able to enlighten
>> a bit on the Buffet R-13 and B-12 (i think that was it..) models. The
>> Buffet models I had heard of are E-111, E-113, RC and RC Prestige (and
>> maybe one even "higher"?) I have a Buffet RC myself, which I am very
>> with, thinking of getting a Prestige model some time soon. Any input on
>> that as well, while "I'm at it"? Thanks!
>> Ragnhild
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