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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000256.txt from 2001/05

From: Richard Bush <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Which clarinet to purchase for schools
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 01:04:55 -0400

I can only state that I've heard some good things about one of the new
Selmer student model clarinets, the CL300. Their latest improvement has been
to get rid of the Bundy style keys, not that they ever had any style. The
new keywork has a much better feeling French style set of keys. Again, only
what I've heard from someone who was impressed by them, the tuning is
supposed to be quite good. I think they are a fairly small bored horn with
undercut tone holes.

As far as mouthpieces go, the Clark Fobes Debut would be a fantastic piece
to have on all the clarinets.

As of late, I'm not impressed with any Vito products from the Leblanc
Company. Quality control is miserable.

I do agree with Kevin about Yamaha products. They are consistently good in
any price range.

"Kevin Fay (LCA)" wrote:

> Desiree asked:
> <<<I was wondering if there is some other brand of clarinet that would
> stand up to typical abuse by beginners as well as respond well to young
> players.>>>
> I have found the Artley to be the least desirable generally-available
> student clarinet -- comparatively stuffy, out of tune and not durable.
> The Bundy/Selmer student model, in my opinion, is only marginally
> better. While they have a much better tone, some of the models have
> very poor intonation (a *very* sharp upper clarion) and the keywork is
> badly shaped for the hands of both kids and adults.
> The better-performing instruments -- again in my opinion -- are the
> Buffet or the Yamaha. Trailing them but still very good are them models
> that Leblanc markets under the "Vito" brand. Any of these will do fine,
> and be much better than either the Artley or the Bundy/Selmer.
> I have always been impressed with the products I've purchased made by
> the Yamaha folks, be it clarinets, saxophones, a motorcycle, my stereo
> or an outboard motor. That company just seems to have very good quality
> control, esp. for the money.
> kjf
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