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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000155.txt from 2001/05

From: "Kevin Fay (LCA)" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Reed Parts for"Guys and Dolls"
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 12:22:46 -0400

Dave Florence asked:

<<<I am looking for advice from someone who has seen the "Guys and
Dolls" professional musical scores for the five reed players. . . From
memory when i saw the order form for a moment, it lists: Reed 1 (flute,
alto sax, clarinet) Reed 2 (alto sax, clarinet) Reed 3 (tenor sax,
clarinet) Reed 4 (tenor sax, clarinet) Reed 5 (bari sax, bass

I played the 4th book of Guys & Dolls at the Village Theatre, a local
equity house, about 5 years ago. The money from the run was just enough
to pay for the tenor I bought to play the gig. It was the 2nd most fun
musical I've played, right behind "Jungle Queen Debutante."

This is a big memory test - I'll give it a shot.

<<<- how much of each horn is played (e.g.,, is Reed 1 mainly flute with
a few sax/clarinet passages, or about equal amounts of all 3 horns. ie,
is the first horn listed the most dominant)>>>

Your 1st player should be a good lead alto with flute chops -- if my
memory serves me correctly, the hard clarinet stuff is in the 2nd & 4th
books. I remember the 3d book requiring a good bit of oboe/english horn
as well, but maybe I'm getting my musicals confused.

<<<- if you don't have the doubling horn, is any transposition included
within the parts with Eb or C doubles>>>

Not that I remember. =20

<<<- are the reed parts about the same level as "Oliver", which we did
two years ago.>>>

IMHO, G&D is more difficult.

<<<- the part list implies jazz stage band experience might be best, is
that true?>>>

Yes. You can get most of the way there by leaning on your 1st alto --
but there are some sections (the bar scene in Havana, for example) where
you are most definitely a big band-style sax section. (Bring your
vibra-slap, too!) =20

<<<- is there a website where this info might be found? (i forgot to
notice which business provides the musical scores)>>>

Not that I know of. There is a web site that posts the instrumentation
-- whose Url is not handy -- but the info apparently is flawed. A
search of the archive will find a discussion over it.

Hope this helps. Best of luck -- it's a very fun show.


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