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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000617.txt from 2001/04

Subj: Re: [kl] Revelli
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 05:03:59 -0400

I would love to see your list of Revelli sayings. I played under him in
the late 1980's when he guest conducted a very good community band and he was
very inspiring to play under. He seemed to size the group up and knew just
what he could get from that group. he did demand all that you could give.
One thing he did that was interesting and very challenging was to make one
clarinet player play a third line C. Then the other player (me
unfortunately) had to sneak in matching the first players tone and pitch so
carefully no one knew you came in until you had already been in. If he could
hear your entrance or the tone did not perfectly match the first players, he
would say, "No, we'll try again later." He would just stop rehearsing the
band at random times and and say "OK gentlemen, try it again. It was tough
to do, but after three days of rehearsals and practicing this on breaks,
before, and after rehearsals, I finally somehow did it. He was very warm and
congratulatory. He complimented us over and over once we did this to his
satisfaction. Everyone else in band had begun trying to do it before and
after rehearsals with others in the band listening. He also said everyone
in his University of Michigan band in every section could do that. That is
why the sounds blended so well. I think he really enjoyed seeing everyone in
the community band accepting this challenge.
I do have another story or two about Revelli conducting the Texas
All-State Band in 1976. Since this post is so long, I will post it another
time if want to hear it, Roger.
James Marioneaux
Baytown (TX) Concert Band
Baytown Symphony Orchestra
Adjunct Faculty, Lee College, Baytown, TX
Band Director, Barbers Hill HS
Bay Arts Woodwind Quintet
(I have no free evenings)
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