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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000295.txt from 2001/04

From: (Anne Lenoir)
Subj: [kl] Kroepsch Studies
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 20:07:44 -0400

I recently started practicing the Kroepsch Studies after a 25-year
"vacation" from them. I don't see how I ever lived without them. After
having a few years to think about it, I am very pleased with the way
they are put together. Many of the "problems" that I have in basic,
everyday improvizational clarinet performances are COVERED in these
exercises, which I used to think were boring.
Does anybody know who Mr. Kroepsch is?
Is anybody practicing all or most of them on a regular basis? Mr. Weber
told me, a long time ago, to play all 416 of them. He said to play all
of the "odd" numbered ones on all of the left hand side of the pages one
day, then the "odd" ones on the right hand side of the pages the next.
Then even #'s on L side the next day; then even #'s on the R side the
next day.
I confess that am only able to go through that process through one
book at a time at this point. Mr. Weber went galavanting off to Paris
for the week (at the age of 87) so I can't call him and ask him how he
actually got through all 416 until he gets back. Before he left, he
asked me what I was going to play in the masterclasses at Norman. I told
him that I couldn't possibly perform at a masterclass because I would
get nervous and freak out. He said that I wasn't practicing enough. I
said nothing. Then he told me that "Practicing is like having plenty of
money in your pocket. When you have enough money, then you can go out
and have a great time and afford a nice dinner or whatever you want. He
said that practicing is the same way, that when you practice enough and
correctly, you have the confidence to play your best. That you have to
practice a bare minimum of 1-hr a day for low-level maintenence, and
never more than 3 hrs." He muttered something about long tones and
Kroepsch, then took off. I looked for my Kroepsch Studies, noticed that
they have been gone for years, re-ordered them from EBLE, got them
I am off to play book 1, R side of page, odd #'s. I will be
absolutely delighted if I can develop the ability to get through all 416
exercises on a regular basis in some sort of routine. ANNIE

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