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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000226.txt from 2001/04

From: Topper <>
Subj: [kl] Re: The Rez
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 05:09:48 -0400

I spent some time on various reservations volunteering for at-risk
youth... individual counselors who of their same heritage help by
organizing poeople like myself who used to like to hang out and jam
with the local concerned teachers and other volunteers.

There was much need for musical instruments and people who might lend
some expertise in some lessons and donating equipment to tribal
schools with or interested in starting music programs.

Bordom and hopelessness is a very dangerous enemy. In 1996-7 18 youth
committed suicide on one res in South Dakota.

I would no know what is currently happening.

But I know it helps to have something new and fun to do on the res.

Clarinet being the popular instrument for musical intro could do
alot. I'm not off topic here by a longshot.

I wish somebody would start a musical instrument and techer bank for
interested reservations. It's not like every casino actually makes
money and isn't dividing money out to help feed poeple with more than
USDA missle cilo food in big white cans.

Just a thought.... oh well...

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>Thread-Topic: Eastern European Clarinet Needs
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>From: "Kevin Fay (LCA)" <>
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>Subject: [kl] Eastern European Clarinet Needs
>We're certainly doing the right thing in checking the legitimacy of
>instrument needs by these kids. But we should remember that there are
>indeed kids who need instruments and accessories, not only in Eastern
>Europe but also closer to home (wherever that home happens to be).
>I have extremely fond memories of helping out a clarinet student. My
>high school band took a trip to a youth music festival in Denmark in the
>summer of 1976. It was a grand trip. We spent a week home-staying in
>Odense and another camped out on a gymnasium floor in Copenhagen,
>playing concerts once or twice a day. As far as we could tell, there
>was no minimum drinking age in Denmark, and Carlsberg is mighty tasty --
>as a freshly minted 16-year-old, it was paradise.
>When we got to Copenhagen, we hung out a bit with an orchestra from
>Krakow, where I met the acquaintance of another newly-minted 16-year old
>clarinet player. Doing what kids do, we tried each other's instrument.
>Her clarinet (a brand I never heard of and don't remember) was at least
>as good as my Vito. My mouthpiece -- a B45 -- was far superior to hers.
>I desperately wanted to give it to her as a gift, but of course I needed
>it. Consequently, we shared it for the week. (Now this might seem . .
>. unsanitary. Since we were also otherwise sharing saliva at the time,
>though, it didn't seem like such a big deal . . .)
>She left the festival with my mouthpiece, my Luyben ligature, my swab
>and all of my reeds. I came home with her copy of the Penderecki Three
>miniatures -- and a smile.
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