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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000148.txt from 2001/04

From: George Kidder <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Buffett questions (west Germany)
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2001 22:07:25 -0400

"Buffet Crampon & Cie" is "Buffet Crampon & Co." "A Paris" is "of Paris" -
in this case, where the company headquarters is, not where the horn was
made. ( the A is actually accented, but the accent gets lost in the caps)

And I don't even speak good French!

At 21:20 4/7/01 -0400, you wrote:
>E11 is an intermediate model made of grenadilla wood. It is stamped "made in
>West Germany" because that's where Buffet's intermediate and student models
>are made (a guess based on seeing the same marking on all
>student/intermediate Buffets I've ever seen--anyone who can confirm/deny
>this would be great). The "A Paris" and "Cie" after Crampon are on all
>Buffets--including my R-13. I would guess they mean something to French
>speakers. (Again, if anyone could confirm or deny this, it would be best.)
>But this is just part of the logo--in other words, nothing to be
>concerned/excited about. The E-11 lists new for about $1200, but you can
>easily get it for about half that from one of the big suppliers (woodwind
>and brasswind and muncy are the only two that come to mind immediately).
>Used, I would presume, it goes for even less. Sorry if you were hoping that
>you'd come across a rare find :) The good news is that the E-11 is an
>excellent intermediate model, almost as good as or better than some
>professional models (especially if you get a good one). I guess what it
>boils down to is this: if you're looking to sell to collectors, this isn't
>the horn for you, but if you're a player, this is good news (based on the
>model; of course, like any clarinet, it could have its own particular faults
>and quirks)! Hope I was of some help!
>>I am in need of some info on a Buffett Clarinet E11
>>Instead of it being stamped "made in France" it is stamped "made in West
>>in the Buffett emblem it has :
>>Crompton & Ci
>>A Paris
>>Notice that it has "AParis" not "Paris"
>>Notice the "CI" after Crompton
>>It is not stamped Evette
>>Can anyonw tell me When these were made and an apromimate value? I cannot
>>find any information on one with these markings
>>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>>Bobby Mac
>Will Cicola
>I don't need a life. I've got orchestra!
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George Kidder
Bar Harbor, ME

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