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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000093.txt from 2001/04

From: Richard Bush <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Vibrato
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 05:30:40 -0400

To Ed and the original poster, Orion,

I should have taken just a little more time with my initial response to Orion.
Larry Teal talks about all of the different ways vibrato can be done, the
strengths and weaknesses of each and their tonal characteristics. While being
short and expedient, I was thinking that by pointing Orion to a good source would
allow him to decide what might be good for his needs and he (or she) could decide
which direction to go and what to pursue. I did not, however, say any of that or
make that clear.

Ed Wojtowicz wrote:

> Of course, there are other types of vibrato, such as diaphragm vibrato.
> Ed
> > From: Richard Bush <>
> > Reply-To:
> > Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 17:07:03 -0600
> > To:
> > Subject: Re: [kl] Vibrato
> >
> > Ya. Say ya, ya, ya. Start at a slow tempo using a metronome. Move your jaw
> > four
> > times per beat. Gradually increase the speed of the metronome. Exaggerate it
> > at
> > first. Work to make it it's not jerky.
> > Read about vibrato in Larry Teal's book, "The Art of Saxophone Playing"
> > published by Summy-Birchard (sp?). Listen to singers, flute players, sax
> > players, trumpet players. Study what they do, when they do it and how they
> > apply vibrato to different styles or types of music.
> >
> > wrote:
> >
> >> Hi. I am still trying to work on my vibrato. Not so good do far. Does anyone

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