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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000050.txt from 2001/04

From: stewart kiritz <>
Subj: Re: [kl] [Fwd: [kl] RE: Jonathan Cohler and friends in
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 12:41:02 -0400


I am confused because I sent you a reply immediately after I got your email.
I will try to send it again.

In the meantime I need to clarify that I am not opposed to vibrato on the
clarinet. I actually like it when it is used subtly as part of the
expressive vocabulary of the clarinetist. I just don't particularly enjoy
listening to players who have a rather constant vibrato on almost every
note, as does a string player. As I said in my previous email, I don't
think there is a right or wrong in aesthetics. Some people like peanut
butter and some don't. There are Wagner lovers and Wagner haters. I hate
mayonaisse on a corned beef sandwich. Who is to say that I am right or
wrong. Maybe my psychoanalyst would know, if I had one. If you like
clarinet styles that utilize vibrato a lot it's fine with me. I simply
enjoy listening to other clarinetists, and there are plenty of wonderful
ones for me to choose from. There is room for lots of styles and different
audiences. No?

Take care,

Stewart Kiritz
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From: "Daniel Leeson" <>
Subject: [kl] [Fwd: [kl] RE: Jonathan Cohler and friends in

> The note below was sent to Klarinet about a week ago. Stewart has had
> long enough to respond. So either he did not see my request of him
> (most likely) or he just doesn't feel like being questioned (much less
> likely).
> There is no statement that can be made on this list that is so silly
> that we can't proble and learn from a good response. And I am still
> trying my very best to learn from statements that make me shudder at
> their apparent intolerance. Vibrato is at the top of the list.
> I've never heard a substantive statement about why vibrato is not (or
> should not be) used on a clarinet, though a lot of people do hold that
> opinion. So when Stewart offered his unexplained view about not caring
> for it, I figured "Ah, maybe I can learn something" and, ashamedly,
> perhaps also figured "Ah, maybe Stewart can learn something."
> So here is another request (and my last to Stewart - if he does not
> respond to this one, I'll think badly of him and sent guilt over the
> internet; he'll not survive that). Why, Stewart, are you so opposed to
> vibrato on a clarinet? Give me the greatest gift that you can give me
> by allowing me to learn something here. No joke. I want to learn, and
> there is no one so unsophisticated that s/he cannot teach me (not that I
> suggest that Stewart is unsophisticated).
> Dan Leeson
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