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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000895.txt from 2001/02

Subj: [kl] counting
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 12:46:22 -0500

I too am mildly dyslexic, I think the clinical term I was diagnosed was
Perceptual Impairment, but mildly dyslexic seems clearer. It is a curse and
a gift. Too this day I still misspell easy words and make simple addition
mistakes. In the 15 years since being diagnosed, I learned calculus, dropped
out of engineering school to get an English Lit. degree (for me a tougher
course of action), I learned to speak Chinese(but never quite got the hang
of the characters), learned to sculpt stone, and became a self taught Senior
Database Administrator. Now I am learning the clarinet. I am a different
learner, I avoid any teacher with a wrote method that works for most of
their students, and gets angry when I won't work for me, as I am not lazy
and really want to learn. If I get to something that I get stuck on, I will
work on it for a bit and let it breath. If I keep coming back to it week
after week, my brain will eventually make the connection, but it takes time
for the neurons to grow in the right way. Even though most students might
pick something up easy, dyslexic learners have different things that they
can pick up easy. I think dyslexic learners perform on a much higher level
when they in a good mood they are not under any kind of stress or are not
sad or depressed. I attribute my successes to being self confident, stubborn
and patient. I know I can do almost anything, but I just need the desire to
put in the time. I know some people are born with a natural ear. I am not
one of those people, but I work on it, and celebrate each minor improvement.
I assume It may be two years before I am good enough to play in public, but
I know if I want to, in two years I will get there. As for counting, I am 33
years old, and I just had a major breakthrough (Still not completely there
yet but I will keep working). I did not have any real music education, in
high school, but if I did, it might have taken me months of working with a
patient teacher to get it, but I would eventually. Try different things, and
go back to methods you tried earlier, eventually you student will get it. If
your student has a good ear try playing it for her, and having her play it
back. Do simple rhythm drills with a shaker. She sounds talented and
motivated, so just keep her relaxed and let her know you think she is great
and will get it eventually. I have learned there are some teachers who get
it, and really are committed to a students growth and you sound like one of
those teachers. You are in a really important position in this students
development, I am sure if you acknowledge her talents and hard work, and can
take the things she is stuck on in a smaller units, and let her know in time
she will get this too, it will come. Not only that but helping her overcome
this will help her get past other obstacles she may encounter in her later
Good luck...

(By the way my spell checker picked out 30 mistakes in the previous passage,
I usually like to keep that hidden, but thought appropriate to share that
too. :) )

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