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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000724.txt from 2001/02

From: Victor Freyer <>
Subj: Re: [kl] i'm new and i need help...FAST!
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 13:30:33 -0500

Sorry I didn't see your question earlier - this may be an approach that you haven't tried.

1. Slow the passage down to eighth note speed. (I'm sure you've started here before...)
2. Practice the notes with the following two different rhythms:
- instead of straight eighths, practice it several times as dotted-eighth/sixteenth.
- then practice it the same number of times as sixteenth/dotted-eighth; this way will feel excessively strange but do it anyway and do it as many times as the first way.
- make sure to play the dotted rhythms strictly; don't swing.
3. Play it straight at a slightly faster tempo
4. Start at the faster tempo with the different rhythms

Repeat every day and you'll likely be playing the original passage evenly at tempo by the end of the week.

Good luck,
Victor Freyer

At 01:28 PM 02/18/2001, gnatalie writing as Wildfire Coconut wrote:
>i don't think it's possible for me to have any more patience than what i've had over the past month. i do take it slow. i'll even practice 1 group of 16th notes for 5-10 minutes just so i can get it played evenly every single time, though what a lot of good that has done. :)
>i have tried a few times to just play the 1st note on the beat but i wasn't sure if it was actually helping or not. but i'll go back to that again.

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