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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000629.txt from 2001/02

Subj: [kl] The "one-chord" clarinet solo on THE MACARENAthatsaved the gig
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 08:39:29 -0500

Daniel Leeson wrote,
>Today, the audience is not a participant in the performance of works.
>They are played AT. They are obliged to behave as if they are in
>church. Don't yell and holler and scream if you like something. Just
>shut up and let us do our work, is the attitude.

Well, maybe amend that to "obliged to behave as if they are in a WHITE


But I agree that people feel it is *our* music more if we can react honestly.
The way it is in concerts now, it's as if they're saying we're not entitled
to an opinion, because it's rude to do anything but clap and it's rude to
fail to clap at the end. We're supposed to just dutifully approve and leave
it to the experts. When was the last time an audience booed down a classical
performance or made them get off the stage? I'm talking about traditonal
performance, not the "performance art" where the performers go naked or
something. People will boo that because it's outside the mold, but if people
are wearing black dresses and tuxedos and sitting in rows, then the audience
thinks they have to clap nicely no matter what they thought of it because it
is bad manners not to. They seem to give a standing ovation to just about
anything. That's getting to be a tradition, kind of like grade inflation in
schools. Well, people don't like feeling hypocritical. I don't like it when
it seems I have to stand up to clap because everybody else is doing it, even
if I don't believe it was a true stand-up type performance.

Cass Hill

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