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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000498.txt from 2001/02

From: "Tony Wakefield" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Re: ezmlm warning
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 18:57:35 -0500

----- Original Message -----
From: "Mark Charette" <>
Subject: Re: [kl] Re: ezmlm warning

The <top> reads "ezmlm warning". What does that mean please?

> > > Messages to you from the klarinet mailing list seem to
> > > have been bouncing. I've attached a copy of the first bounce
> > > message I received.

What does "bounce" mean? Where is the copy of the 1st bounce? - there`s no

> > > If this message bounces too, I will send you a probe. If the probe
> > bounces,
> > > I will remove your address from the klarinet mailing list,
> > > without further notice.

What is a probe? How does a probe bounce? Thanks for threatening to remove
me without a clearly explained reason.

> > > I've kept a list of which messages from the klarinet mailing list have
> > > bounced from your address.
> > > Copies of these messages may be in the archive.
> > > To retrieve a set of messages 123-145 (a maximum of 100 per request),
> > > send an empty message to:
> > > <>

Are you saying that there are 22 messages (in archive) which have been sent,
that have NOT been received by me? Please advise.

> > >
> > > To receive a subject and author list for the last 100 or so messages,
> > > send an empty message to:
> > > <>
> > >
> > > Here are the message numbers:
> > >
> > > 40032
> Now I'm no genius, but I think that the top of that message might be
> intelligible to most people.

As stated above, please explain ezmlm.
> The rest of the message tells administrators what went wrong.>

If the administrators require this amount of space and time, increasing my
phone bill, then they should communicate to each other using their own
e-mails. If something goes wrong with my telephone, British Telecom don`t
phone me to issue me with a pile of drivel. They just fix it.
> <tony-wakefield@-----. Deferred: Connection timed out with
> > Message could not be delivered for 5 days
> > Message will be deleted from queue

What does shaggy-s 1 etc mean? LineOne has never used that term in any of
it`s public pages.
> Your email server didn't want to take an email..

This doesn`t sound like information for the administrators. It sounds like
info for me.
> >If I asked you to translate the following into plain and simple
> > English, I`ve no doubt that you would wish to avoid doing so,
> > asking me to read up, to learn what it all means.
> _That_ is highly insulting. I've spent time more than once on this list
> explaining how email works (and bounces) and I'm sure I will do so again.

Point taken, but I haven`t seen any explanations in my time on the list. But
be assured that I`m not expecting you to do that. This is NOT your function.
The whole system of e-mail is still in it`s infancy, and man, does it
require some more brains to sort it.
> > Now there`s 5 minutes of your time wasted I expect Mark. Have you
> > thought of how much time we do have to waste just because others
> > cannot communicate to us in the simplest of ways to enable us to
> > understand the FIRST TIME. I`ll bet the most commonly used
> > words are "I`m sorry, could you repeat that again
> > please, I didnt quite catch you the first time"!!!!!!!!!!!!
> If you would be so kind as to rewrite the error handling functions
> of this free software and in the software of the intervening
> systems in _your_ spare time I'd be grateful ...

Why should I do that? That is what the administrators should urgently turn
<their> hands to. Why should we be bombarded with nonsense which we don`t
understand. Please be assured, there is no personal criticism here Mark. I`m
not accusing you of not being able to communicate lucidly.
> Get up on the wrong side of the bed, did we?

Nope. Just miffed at how administrators can come into my home uninvited,
with their own diatribe of nonsense, without any intention or care in the
world of explaining anything to me in plain English. Only a mere threat to
remove me. Not even any advice as to what I need to do to correct this.
It`s not right, Mark.

Please advise what I must do to correct any errors.

Tony W.

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