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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000409.txt from 2001/02

From: Will Cicola <>
Subj: [kl] Mouthpiece Patches on Fobes mouthpiece
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 21:39:30 -0500

I realize I've been rather talkative lately...I promise I'll slink back into
lurker mode as soon as I find out the solution to this problem! My problem
is that I can't seem to get mouthpiece patches to stay on my mouthpiece.
They stay for a while, but then they start peeling from the left side at the
top across the top until finally the entire top half of the patch is loose
from the mouthpiece and I have to remove it because the mouthpeice slides
around in my mouth. I tend to play on the right side of my mouth, so I
figured it had something to do with my embechoure, but the patches always
stayed fine on my old Morgan mouthpiece, and I don't believe I have changed
my playing style recently. I then thought that maybe the adhesive needed
some time to set, so I put a fresh patch on and let the mouthpeice sit
overnight, but the next morning, as soon as I started playing, my saliva
started to creep underneath again. I've tried cleaning the mouthpiece with
alcohol (and of course drying thoroughly) as is suggested on the package
that the (Bay brand) patches came in. I find it very difficult to play
without a mouthpiece patch, and this problem is becoming rather irritating.
Perhaps Mr. Fobes can help me out...I noticed that this problem only
happened once I got my new Fobes mouthpiece (love it, by the way!). Do you
use a different kind of hard rubber in your mouthpiece than does, say,
Morgan (on which, as I mentioned, the patches stay fine)? If so, can you
recommend a different brand of moutpiece patch that will stay on better? Or
perhaps a different method of attaching it? (I've already tried cleaning it
with alcohol and letting it sit overnight before playing it, as well as
playing it immediately after attaching the patch.) Any help that anyone
could offer on this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Will Cicola
I don't need a life. I've got orchestra!

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